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Roland Millaner

After studying Business, Economics and Creative Writing in Cambridge University and working for many years locally, Roland Millaner joined Street Smart Weekly as the Editor of our flagship publications, Street Smart Bulletin and Street Smart Confidential. Roland has developed a loyal following writing for both publications, helping and inspiring readers to achieve personal and financial freedom. 

Mark Philip Stevens

Mark Philip Stevens is the author of several Wall Street Journal, New York Times and best sellers. Mark is a regular contributor to Street Smart and is one of the most sought after business advisors in the world.

Gurdeep Singh

Gurdeep Singh is a Search Engine Marketing Specialist who has worked in the internet marketing industry since 1998. As well as contributing to Street Smart. He is constantly striving to find the best way for readers to use keywords and click-through rates to maximise their own search engine optimization. 

Violet Jones

Violet Joneshas helped more people transform their aspirations and goals into reality than perhaps any other author in history. For more than two decades, Violet’s works have stood alone as the gospel when it comes to conveying worldly wisdom that translates into tangible results. Violet is the author of three #1 bestsellers, two of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 12 best-selling motivational books of all time.

Haydee Ilagan

Haydee Ilagan is a serial Internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. She is recognised as one of the leading experts on web marketing even though she still considers herself a ‘techno dunce’. Starting from her one-bedroom apartment and with just a few hundred dollars, Haydee has personally sold thousands online and counting.


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